Pallas Associates offers a range of consulting and project management services for small to mid-size business in North America.

We provide custom research and project implementation services in an accessible format and at an accessible price point. By leveraging years of experience in political research at state, local, and international levels we provide information and services that would once be available to only the largest companies with the biggest budgets.

Pallas’ custom research ranges from brief informational inquiries to wide ranging feasibility studies of business opportunities at home and abroad. Our research services help build a bedrock of knowledge for our customers to further their business ventures- whether it be working with local municipalities on technological infrastructure or establishing new business ventures in economically burgeoning regions of the world.

We provide our customers with the expertise they need to successfully interact with unfamiliar political, cultural, and economic environments.

Alongside research, Pallas Associates provides concrete action plans for implementation of new projects, and will work with your team every step of the way. We are adept at immersing ourselves fully in a customer’s business, understanding their needs, and applying our expertise to addressing the political, social, and economic challenges that create financial opportunities previously untapped by our customers.

Pallas team members have developed research for state and local political candidates across the Tri-State Area to multinational tourism companies operating across East Africa, India, and China. We have also developed a specialized body of research on the Belt and Road Initiative, a sample of which is available on request.

Whatever your business’ focus we are prepared to develop new and accessible research tools. Our ability to provide end to end research followed by implementation gives your team an unprecedented ability to overcome our world’s increasing political and economic instability.

With Pallas Associates, your business gains a new ability to find the value in geopolitical change.

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