For many, the multi-polar world has been one of uncertainty and anxiety. At Pallas Associates, we view this instability as a boon to global investment. Across the world, capital flows more freely than ever before. In the global North, consistent, modest gains are easy to . In the global South, new industries need investment, allowing for large returns in the mid and long term.

We provide up-to-the-minute analysis of international politics, economics, and business to the public and actionable growth opportunities for clients across the world. In a world with myriad and conflicting interests, we are building new paradigms to better understand and capitalize on the twists and turns of global markets.

We focus on providing small- to mid-sized businesses and firms information on and connections to investments in developed and emerging markets. Innovative research methods allow us to effectively tailor exposure, rate of return, and horizon. This allows us to provide direction and guidance for clients of all sizes, interests, and risk tolerance.

We look forward to developing your future prosperity.